Michelle’s Pancake House, Cupertino, CA

I had a fairly good meal at Michelle’s Pancake House. Like many specialized places, knowing what to order is the key to having a pleasant experience. 

There are 2 things you must try here. First is the Beef Roll. Although it doesn’t have ‘pancake’ in the name, it is still one of their signature items listed under the pancake section on the menu. The dough is chewy yet crispy. The filing has a good green onions to slice beef ratio. It was tasty and not drenched in sauce like many others.

The second must try is of course their pancakes. There are many varieties to choose from and many of these could taste very different. I ordered the napa cabbage and pork version and absolutely loved them. These goodies have paper thin dough filled with juicy minced pork.  Fellow diners traded two of their beef scallion ones with me so I got a taste of those as well. Unfortunately they weren’t my favorite. The scallions were just too overpowering. I found the pork ones more balanced and likable.

They were not kidding with the warning sign about hot broth. The pancakes were freshly made to order so the fillings could be piping hot. Let it cool a bit before you eat and be extra careful with the soup inside. 

Dumplings were average. Skin was too thick but filling tasted fresh. 

Don’t forget about that jar of house special spicy garlic sauce on your table. It goes well with the pancakes and dumplings. 

The portion is big. Perhaps too big. I saw a lot of to-go boxes going around. One order of pancakes came with 8. I wish they could offer smaller order size.

Wait time of 30 minutes or more is not unusual because the restaurant is highly popular. The pancakes also take a long time to be made compare to other dishes so don’t expect a quick meal. The wait was still worth it. There just aren’t anything like this in the area.