Costco Food Court, Foster City, CA

$1.00 Churro

$1.50 Polish Hot Dog

$3.79 Carne Asada Bake

This is no gourmet meal but the food is better quality than many fast food joint. $1.50 for a 1/4 pound hot dog or polish. The value is hard to beat. Doesn’t hurt that the sausage was actually reasonably juicy. The giant churro was on the tough side. Carne Asada Bake? A little soggy but the chewy cheesy dough wasn’t bad.

Hot Dog Fried Fish Chips

Nathan’s Famous, Las Vegas, NV

Not impressed. Just because it is mall food court does not mean it has to suck.

Hotdog was very average. Buns were dry and the dog was not particularly juicy. It can’t be what they are famous for, can it?

Fried fish has thick hard batter. I do like the thick cut fries but many of the pieces were over fried.

Grossly overpriced for the quality.