Result of my mid-night grocery run. I was desperately out of chocolate.

I hardly ever eat white chocolate. Not to mention grocery bought chocolate bar. Very surprised how decent it tastes. Very creamy texture and no artificial flavors.

Hokkaido Fair, Mitsuwa Marketplace, San Jose, CA

A special 4 days event not to be missed if you are a fan of Japanese food.  Here you will find a lot of goodies imported from Hokkaido region in Japan. The highlight of the fair was the lovely array of king crab bento boxes and frozen seafood. They also have a bunch of popup stores selling ramen, croquettes and ikameshi (squid stuffed with sweet rice). The croquettes were to die for - imagine some sinfully creamy mashed potato loaded with chunks of crab meat sitting inside a perfectly crisp crust. 

My only complaint is the hefty price tags on most of the merchandise. The price of a small bento box could get you a fairly decent meal at a restaurant. Was it worth it? Probably. Still cheaper than flying to Hokkaido.