Source, San Francisco, CA

Source served very good vegetarian and vegan dishes but it is a place you can’t truly appreciate unless you are a real herbivore.

I came here mainly for the brick oven pizza that I have heard great things about. I was not disappointed. The pie crust has good texture. It was neither too fluffy nor too crispy. I love how it was bouncy yet still able to hold up the toppings. The toppings were all quite fresh and tasty. I could use a bit more garlic on the grille veggie pie but that is just a personal preference.

The appetizer and entree I tried were average at best. The plum sauce for the spring roll was too sweet. The green curry has plenty spice but still lacked some dimension. I almost felt like I need extra salt in there. The trumpet mushrooms ‘scallops’ were one of the more juicy ones I had.

Food was bad but I still miss the meat…. a lot. 

Nombe, San Francisco, CA

Very disappointing meal I must say. Their ‘kaiseki’ dinner is nothing more than a gimmicky multi-course meal. Not a real Japanese kaiseki in any aspects. Service was terrible. We had to constantly remind the waitstaff of dishes that were missing from our orders. Half way through the meal we waited over an hour for the next course. No apologies nor explanations given. When food finally arrived we realized they actually missed one course completely and had to bring out the missing dishes together with our desserts.

The mediocre food certainly didn’t help the experience. Their ramen burger is one innovative attempt that failed terribly. The ramen noodle ‘bun’ was soggy after soaking up all the grease. The texture was awful. Their ramen was very average and nothing to be excited about.

Ramen and burger for a ‘kaiseki’ meal. Yup.

Perhaps their izakaya is a better bet. Courses meal just wasn’t done right at Nombe.

Gachi-Mogo, Santa Clara, CA

Sparkling new brick and mortar restaurant by the owner of MoGo BBQ food trunk. Fans of the food trunk would be excited to find their signature Korean BBQ fusion burrito and quesadilla here.

The restaurant shows promises despite opened for merely a week. I found their warm wooden furnishings and colorful cartoon artwork on the wall fun and welcoming. Ambiance is chic but casual. You order from the counter, take a seat and the waitstaff will bring you the food soon enough.

The food was not bad at all. The short rib burrito was even better what I had from their food trunk awhile back. The ribs is of fattier cut it seemed. The appetizer meatballs, one of the new additions to the menu, has a lovely lightly flavored zesty tomato sauce. The fried chicken sandwich, another new item, was rather interesting. It was almost a crossover between Vietnamese banh mi and Chick-fil-a. The bread could be crispier but the sauce was good and the fried chicken bites were tasty enough.
Gachi-Mogo, Sunnyvale, CA

My only complaint was the fries on the side. Some were a little soggy. The burrito and the sandwich already have a good amount of carbs. Things like kimchi or coleslaw would be a better compliment to the entree.

Overall a decent place for the price. Food only costs a little more than the food truck version but you get to sit down to enjoy your meal. Those who work near the area could consider coming here for a quick lunch.

Final Verdict

Food: 3/5. Decent Korean BBQ meat in many different formats.

Service: 4/5. Quick and enthusiastic.

Ambiance: 4/5. Sparkling new, clean and trendy.

Price to Value: 4/5. Fairly generous portion for the price and food was reasonably tasty.