Sons & Daughter, San Francisco, CA

The dinner at Sons & Daughter was an unforgettable experience. For a $90 tasting menu, expectation could only be set at sky high.

They took plating to an art. The presentation is dazzling. My salad looked like a spring garden with a pond and the uni dish looked like sea aquarium.

My dinner did actually taste like Post-Impressionism artwork. Flavors were vivid, bold, yet still confined to original form of ingredients and not totally abstract with overwhelming experimental gastronomy techniques.

The bread… on my.. I was presented with 3 different bread courses and they were all heavenly.  I  can’t think of a place off my head with better bread service.

It’s proximity to Curran Theatre made it a great choice for pre-show dining. The dining room. while trendy and cute, is really too cramped for a more intimate romantic dinner. I would probably pick a different place for special occasion celebration.

Note: I heard after my dinner that they have increased the tasting menu price from $90 to $135. Would I pay that much for it? Yes I would. However, that might also knock a star off as there are better choice at this price range.

Final Verdict

Food: 5/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Price to Value: 3/5

Soufflé Grand Marnier Bacon with Meyer Lemon Jelly Hor D'oeuvres Truffled Hamachi Tartar Pan Seared Maine Day Boat Scallops Ragout of Burgundy Snails Pan Roasted Beef Tenderloin Chocolate-Coconut Terrine Noisettes of Red Deer

Le Papillon, Santa Clara, CA

Le Papillon is my favorite French restaurant in South Bay. The one and only one that managed to keep me returning years after years. This is a place I could always expect a lovely meal.

Don’t let the silly michelin guide fool you into believe you are getting better food at those 1 or 2 stars places in the area. Le Papillon delivers superior quality food at a highly reasonable price. Some might find the old time ambiance a bit ‘dated’ but I think the classic white dining room is simply timeless. Service was impeccable. My server was full of smiles, energy and charms. The menu, while not the most innovative, are constantly changing for the better. Every dish was well balanced and tasted wonderful. I was delighted to find dishes that I enjoyed very much on my last visit still taste every bit as good as I remember.

I am still in love with the souffle. I felt exactly the same as we first met.

Final Verdict

Food: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Price to Value: 4/5

Sent Sovi, Saratoga, CA

My last experience at Sent Sovi was a Valentine’s Day dinner. This time around, I finally get to sample their regular menu.

Two different occasions, with surprisingly similar impression.

Food was good, but lacked a little of something that makes it great. Comparing with other prix fixe multi-course dinner at this caliber and price range, I could only consider this a fairly mediocre meal.

Really want me to get into more details? Here you go….

I like the tomato puff “amuse bouche”. The “bread” has a lovely cube shape and was served warm and crisp. “Smoked tuna” appetizer wasn’t that memorable. “Scallop” appetizer was probably the best dish out of everything I have tried that night. “Roasted beets” salad had just a little too much oil that gave it an overly slimy texture. “Wedge salad” was quite pleasant and refreshing. Both entrees were average. “Rack of lamb” (special of the day) had decent texture but the flavors did not stand out. “Stretched quail” tasted fine with the sauce but the boney bird was too small with very little meat to go around. The parsnip purée almost took over the entire entree. I enjoyed the “granita” with the frozen grapes. It was just a bit too icy.

And then there came the desserts…. 45 minutes later… A mistake on their part in which they were very apologetic and remedied with some sparkling wine. Great service. Unfortunately, I still have to say the desserts were not good at all. The cakes… pistachio, almond… were just too modest and too ordinary.

I love the intimate ambiance and the attentive service. The food, just needs to be a little better.

Wakuriya, San Mateo, CA

Wakuriya reminds me of Kaygetsu more so than Kaygetsu’s current successor Mitsunobu.

The style, the simplistic elegance and the humble yet meticulous offerings. Everything that I liked so much about Kaygetsu could be found here. The only thing missing is just the sushi. Kaygetsu served incredible sushi that is sometimes even more impressive than their kaiseki.

Reservation at Wakuriya is known to be difficult. Mostly due to the fact that they only serve about 4 tables a night. For that, they have developed a very peculiar reservation policy. You can only make reservation up to 30 days in advanced. No more, no less. However, if you call even just a few days after the 30 days mark, there is good chance all the tables are already booked up. The trick, like many others have mentioned, is to leave a message at exactly midnight 30 days prior. Sounds crazy enough? It does require planning ahead but is no where near impossible as TFL.

As soon as you walked into this establishment, the hostess will make sure you will feel like an honored guest. This kind of traditional Japanese hospitality is not easily found elsewhere.

The food was memorable. Since you are not going to get the same menu, I will skip the item by item rundown. I was particularly impressed by the Kurobuta to hakusai no hakata-mushi (Mushi Mono course) and ebi-shinjo no sakura-ba tsutsumi-age (Age Mono course). Check out my photos for some eyes candies.

While I wouldn’t say it was the best kaiseki meal I had in North America (Aburiya Raku in Las Vegas held tight to that spot), it was one darn good meal for the price. Wakuriya in-cooperated a lot of contemporary elements into traditional style of cooking. The result is a flawless creation that could be appreciated by both novices and connoisseurs.

Worth the hassle of reservation. Worth the 1 month wait.

La Fondue, Saratoga, CA

An updated review is long due. If not for the Yelp deal, I probably wouldn’t have returned so soon. The deeply discounted Le Freak C’est Chic menu is simply too hard to resist.

You will never go home hungry if you come here for any of their fondue combinations. The Le Freak C’est Chic menu is challenging even for those with the biggest appetite - a total of 23oz of meat including everything they offer. It might not sound like a whole lot but it will quickly fill you up after the hearty salads and cheese fondue.

If not for the (usually) hefty price tag, the Le Freak C’est Chic menu is really a great introduction to their food. Out of everything I have tried, my favorites are the Chicken Japonaise, Kobe Wagyu, Black Angus Filet Mignon, Free Range Venison, Tiger Blue Shrimp and Lobster Tails.

As far as cooking method goes, I still prefer cooking in a pot for the experience but grilling preserve the flavors of the meat much better. The choice is yours.

Service is good but not spectacular. The maitre d’ appeared distracted and our server was not as attentive as I would like.

I love the updated trendy and quirky decor. It is a good place to take a date to. Probably not the best for a more intimate dinner given how busy the restaurant gets but it would definitely be a fun experience.

Do you know you can actually take your entire dessert fondue to go? Of course I ate mine there but the patrons next to us decided to take their dessert to go after a long struggle with the entree.

5A5 Steak Lounge, San Francisco, CA

It is difficult not to compare 5A5 with Alexander’s. I am sure you have heard a lot. I will try not to bore you.

My biggest surprise was from their hamachi shooter. It is actually almost a complete different recipe from Alexander’s. No truffle oil but plenty of yuzu. The citric flavor could be too bold for some but refreshing for others.

My biggest disappointment was from the prime rib. First, it was served lukewarm. Probably sat in the kitchen a little too long while the other steak was being prepared. The doneness was correct. It was cooked medium rare as requested but the meat was slightly too chewy.

Daikon soup was good. Foie gras torchon has minor air bubble. Tajima f1 Ribeye was fat, juicy and tender although the seared foie gras on top could have sat in the frying pan for another minute. Strawberry souffle was this dramatic fluffiness. Can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

I wish they have petite fours or small sweets when they present the check.

Overall not a bad meal but there were things that could have been better.

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