Fresh U Order Bakery, Sunnyvale, CA

With Fresh U next door, I don’t see why anyone would ever frequent the neighboring Subway. Well… Unless you really crave a sandwich in late afternoon or cold rock hard subs are your thing.

Each sandwich is made to order and always come out hot. Bread is fresh and ingredients are tasty. Their breakfast eggwich (available all day) is my favorite - fluffy egg in between a dense and chewy bagel, perfect meal to start a day.

While the sandwiches might not be award winning, Fresh U is still a neighborhood gem. I wish they could expand their veggie selection or offer egg white variety for those with diet restrictions.

Falafel Bite, Sunnyvale, CA

One of my favorite neighborhood eatery. Tried many of their wraps - adana, falafel, veggie kabobs, shawarma, gyro… Every one of them was tasty. The wraps are fairly large (long) and make a filling meal.

Other plates could be hit or miss. Grandma’s chicken and mansaf here are just average. There are better Mediterranean restaurant for a nicer sit down meal but falafel bite is a good place for quick bite.

Merit Restaurant, Sunnyvale, CA

Vegetarian restaurant serving Asian dishes from various origins. It is part Chinese, part Vietnamese, mix with a bit of Thai and other South East Asian cuisines.

Food is good but there are no miracles. You would know right away you are eating Vegetarian food. Some of the dishes are made too saucy and salty in order to compensate the absence of meat. Wish they could be more innovative rather than just using soy protein to substitute the meat.

If you are indeed vegetarian, look no further and bookmark this restaurant. If you are a meat lover like me, this is probably a short term affair.