Tres Potrillos Taqueria, Sunnyvale, CA

Tres Potrillos is a no frills joint serving gratifying Mexican food. It’s not the cleanest nor the cheapest restaurant. Don’t come here expecting a healthy or light meal either.

With that said, if you are a hungry soul looking for a tasty fulfilling meal, you will not be disappointed.

Their fish tacos were awesome and so were anything with lengua and carnitas. Seats could be hard to come by during lunch hour even on the weekends.

Ming Tasty, Sunnyvale, CA

Ming Tasty is a decent restaurant…provided that you really like authentic Cantonese food. Their menu is very extensive and I do not believe they excel in everything they offer. Your best bet is to sticky with traditional Cantonese dishes and not wander too far off.

You can’t go wrong with their porridge, as well as many of their self proclaimed ‘specialty dishes’. Clay pot rice is wonderful but many of their stir fried and noodle were just average. Dim sum was fine but do not even attempt to get any of their western dishes. You have been warned.

When in doubt, ask the waitstaff. If they are not too busy selling you their pre-fix menu they could give good recommendation.

If you are a Cantonese food novice this is not a good starter place. Your mileage will really varies.

Fresh U Order Bakery, Sunnyvale, CA

With Fresh U next door, I don’t see why anyone would ever frequent the neighboring Subway. Well… Unless you really crave a sandwich in late afternoon or cold rock hard subs are your thing.

Each sandwich is made to order and always come out hot. Bread is fresh and ingredients are tasty. Their breakfast eggwich (available all day) is my favorite - fluffy egg in between a dense and chewy bagel, perfect meal to start a day.

While the sandwiches might not be award winning, Fresh U is still a neighborhood gem. I wish they could expand their veggie selection or offer egg white variety for those with diet restrictions.

Falafel Bite, Sunnyvale, CA

One of my favorite neighborhood eatery. Tried many of their wraps - adana, falafel, veggie kabobs, shawarma, gyro… Every one of them was tasty. The wraps are fairly large (long) and make a filling meal.

Other plates could be hit or miss. Grandma’s chicken and mansaf here are just average. There are better Mediterranean restaurant for a nicer sit down meal but falafel bite is a good place for quick bite.