Macha Cafe, San Francisco, CA

I am disappointed with this little cafe. Let me explain why.

Macha latte is their signature drink and it was likable. Texture was smooth and the flavor was rich. Those who like flavored coffee drinks will probably enjoy it quite a bit. I have to warn the coffee drinkers though, it is more like a milk drink than anything else.

The food was a complete disaster. The breakfast burrito was a joke. It was only marginally better than what you could get from a fast food chain. Dry wrap. Bland fillings. The chicken teriyaki salad was not that much better either. The meat was tough and dry. The salad consist of mostly lettuce and nothing else.

Perhaps it was my unlucky day and I ordered the worst items on their menu? Maybe you will have better luck with the sandwiches and pannis.

Sakana Sushi, San Francisco, CA

For a sushi restaurant that serve food until midnight Sakana is more than decent. I had their dinner combination with sashimi, tempura and hamachi kama. It was a simple and well prepared meal. The hamachi kama was particularity interesting. It was perfectly moist and tender inside. Definitely one of the better ones I had that came with a economic combo dinner. Tempura could be crisper but I like the light batter and light radish sauce. Sashimi is a standard fare. I don’t find the fish quality particularly excellent. Some pieces even appeared a bit stringy.

If you are ever in the area for a late meal, can’t go wrong with Sakana.

Caffe Sapore, San Francisco, CA

Caffe Sapore is your friendly neighborhood cafe that serves up some decent sandwiches. The coffee though, was a slight disappointment. The brewed coffee tasted awfully sour. The cappuccino lacked brightness. The only saving grace was the extra thick foam.

I did rather enjoy their focaccia sandwiches, especially the Cortina. It was made with smoked salmon, avocado, capers, lemon juice and olive oil. Ingredients were clean and simple and it just tasted wonderful. Kool Guy was decent for a vegetarian sandwich although I found the mustard a bit too strong for me to handle.

Not a bad place to grab a quick breakfast but I really expect the coffee to be better. Much better.