Palace Hotel High Tea, San Francisco, CA

Garden Court is a popular destination for ladies and their afternoon tea gatherings. The magnificent dining room with the opulent high glass ceiling and elegant chandeliers is sure to impress any visitors. 

Afternoon tea starts at $47 a person and includes a pot of tea of your choice, the usual tea sandwiches, pastries and scones. You have the options to include sparkling wine or champagne for a little extra.

Food was decent but not exceptional. Tea sandwiches are pre-made and the selection is quite ordinary. Most of the pastries were made on the sweeter side and are best paired with stronger black teas. Don’t make the same mistake I do and order a pot of Pai Mu Tau white tea. The best of all were the homemade scones. The texture is soft, bouncy and moist. Every bite tasted divine with the rose pedal jam. Sadly, they do not allow substitute on any of the food items. 

Service was less than attentive on the Saturday I went. It is true that food were brought out quickly, empty plates were cleared promptly (although sometimes not in the most classy fashion) and our glasses were always topped off. Our server, unfortunately, was rather hard to locate and rarely came to check up on us. 

The overall experience seemed a bit cookie cutter and impersonal. Everything seemed fancy enough but just a bit shy of being truly luxurious. 

I will probably still come back just for their amazing scones.


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