Chaats & Currys, Sunnyvale, CA

Very good quality food for such an affordable price tag. I am almost convinced they are selling themselves short. For less than $12 you get a very fulfilling dinner that comes with soup, salad, vegetable, rice/nan together with your choice of entree. There are free chutney, various condiments and sauce to go with your food as well.

The tandoori chicken was a bit drier than I would like but the lamb korma curry was a pure labor of love. I had a very enjoyable meal that really hit the spot. Ambiance is basic but the restaurant is clean and bright. It was rather fun to watch some Bollywood movies there too. Can’t wait to return and try more items on their menu.

Final Verdict

Food: 4/5. Quality food made with labor of love.

Service: 4/5. Very friendly and helpful.

Ambiance: 3/5. Not much of an ambiance but the restaurant is neat and bright.

Price to Value: 4/5. Can’t get any better at this price.


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