Fuki Sushi, Palo Alto, CA

Sadly, I could no longer endorse this restaurant. Fuki, once my go-to place for a slightly pricey but never disappointing sushi meal, had really went downhill. My most recent dinner here left me terribly dissatisfied and puzzled.

The fish used in even some of their pricier nigiri was of very average quality. It was quite apparent they didn’t get the freshest supply that day. I could excuse the restaurant for having a off day once in a while due to supply issue but I found no excuse for the ill prepared sushi rice. The rice on every single pieces I had that night was dry.

I am afraid it could be a really long while before I would consider returning to this restaurant.

Final Verdict

Food: 2/5. Average quality fish over dry rice.

Service: 3/5. Decent enough.

Ambiance: 4/5. Clean restaurant with elegant Japanese decor.

Price to Value: 3/5. Really overpriced for this quality.