Super Duper, San Francisco, CA

I love my burger. A good one is hard to come by. I for one hate getting my burger fix at fancier restaurants. Especially when they charge me an arm and a leg for a ‘gourmet’ version made with silly things like wagyu patties and truffle oil. Burger should be what a burger is - quick and easy causal meal.

I envy New Yorkers for their Shake Shack. In-n-Out in west coast is simply playing an entirely different game. I want a reasonably priced burger with decent patties, good sauce and few gimmicks. No over-sized one pounder on some huge buns that no normal human being could eat with one hand. Super Duper is exactly what I was looking for.

Their patties were bouncy and juicy. All cooked to a perfect medium with a lot of pink inside. Even the so called ‘mini’ burgers have good thick 4oz patties. Just the basic version with only the free toppings already tasted excellent. Extra like bacon, mushroom and cheese were really just icing on the cake.

The only thing I still want is probably some crazy good veggie burger like the ‘shroom burger from Shake Shack with the legendary cirsp-fried portobello ‘patty’. The day Super Duper comes up with something just as good is the day I will throw Shake Shack to the back of my head.

Final Verdict

Food: 4/5. Oh yummy patties with just enough pink.

Service: 3/5. As good as fast food could get.

Ambiance: 3/5. Clean and casual eatery.

Price to Value: 4/5. Tasty burgers that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


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