Worth Our Weight, Santa Rosa, CA

A few things you should be aware of before you come here.

Worth Our Weight is not a typical restaurant. It is a culinary apprentice program for the troubled youth. The food they serve here are the products of this program.

There are no price on the menu. Everything is on donation basis. At the end of your meal they will provide you with an envelope for your donation so bring cash since they do not accept credit card.

Despite the name ‘Worth Our Weight’, the food is really not the overly greasy hearty kind. Most dishes seemed quite healthy and they do have vegetarian selections.

Your chef is still in training so the quality of your meal might varies. Having said that, I had quite a delightful breakfast there. Nothing too extravagance but the food was well prepared and likable.

I absolutely love the concept of this program. You are eating good food and also supporting a good cause. How great is that?

Pastries, fresh fruits and dessert come with your meal. Isn’t that wonderful?

Final Verdict

Food: 3/5. Simple but healthy and tasty.

Service: 4/5. Very friendly people.

Ambiance: 3/5. Unique dining room with some communal tables.

Price to Value: 4/5. No price tag, just donate what you think is fair.


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