The Table, San Jose, CA

It is hard to dislike The Table. Equipped with chic decor, lively ambiance, impressive drinks menu and enthusiastic servers, it offers almost everything you can ask of for a decent gastropub. Almost.

I couldn’t help to feel the quality of the food is missing the mark for this price tag and caliber. The menu was semi interesting but some of the idea didn’t execute quite well. The squid appetizer was too charred and tasted bitter. A chunk of cream cheese on a plate of melon salad just seemed out of place. Entrees were better. Both the cod and beef cheek were cooked to perfect temperature with wonderful texture. The sides vegetables on the plates could use a bit more creativity. The most memorable things were probably the drinks and the donut hole dessert. Wine selection is great. They have a lot of moderately priced ones on glass for those who are not looking to splurge. The bartenders did a great job dishing out some seductive looking cocktails too.

Fans of gastropubs will still love The Table. There are simply very few choices in peninsula and south bay for this kind of eateries. The food just need to be better. For now, I will say it is overpriced.

Final Verdict

Food: 3/5

Service: 3/5

Ambiance: 3/5

Price to Value: 2/5


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