Olleh Sushi and Tofu House, Sunnyvale, CA

Was Chocolate Sushi and now Olleh Sushi. They might have changed ownership but the decor and ambiance remained the same - trendy but slightly dated. Even the menu resembles the former occupant. It is a Korean sushi restaurant. Half the menu features designer sushi rolls and the other half features many staple Korean entrees.

I was not impressed with Chocolate Sushi back then and I am even more unimpressed with Olleh.

Came here for a late lunch on Sat and the restaurant was already pretty quiet. First impression was not great. One of the sauce plates they brought us was not clean and had to ask for a replacement. The table also appeared a bit sticky. I was slightly concerned with cleanliness.

I felt even more uncomfortable when a piece of the banchan cucumber tasted bitter. I certainly hope it was just an isolated occurrence.

Fortunately the rest of the lunch was not totally terrible. Sushi roll was mediocre. The quality of the fish they used in the roll and the Korean chirashi did not seem particularly great but was at least fresh. I guess with all those sauce you can’t really taste the fish anyway. Dolsot bibimbap was semi-decent. The BBQ shortribs topping has good flavors but the rice was slightly mushy. Portion was huge. Any of those mixed rice entree could be easily shared.


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