Dim Sum, Jade Cathay, San Jose, CA

Jade Cathay, San Jose, CA

Came back here for dim sum as I promised. Food was just as good as their dinner. The best part is, their dim sum lunch lasts until 3pm on the weekend which is a huge plus for late risers. Unfortunately some items might run out if you come late.

Ordered mostly healthier steamed dishes since I was feeling slight under the weather. Will return to try more of their fried stuff and amazing looking pastries.

Dumpling with Dry Scallop and Cordyceps Flowers

Sounds fancy. The ‘cordyceps flowers’ is a precious herb in Chinese medicine and is actually a fungus. The taste and texture is similar to Enoki Mushrooms so it is not strange at all. Dumplings were well made and tasty.

Red Rice Noodle Roll with Egg White and Bitter Melon

A red rice roll. How unusual and pretty! It has even better texture than the normal one. Bitter melon is really not for everyone. It wasn’t as bitter as I expected though. Brilliant idea to use egg white for the texture.

Rice Noodle Roll with Mixed Mushroom

Very smooth rice roll. Excellent vegetarian dim sum dish.

Har Gao

Not the most amazing I have had but I think they beat all other south bay dim sum places I have been to.

I think I have found my new favorite dim sum restaurant in San Jose.