Chez Papa Resto, San Francisco, CA

I had a pleasant dining experience at Chez Papa Resto. Having heard great things about this restaurant, my expectation was high. I am happy to say that I am satisfied with both the service and the quality of food.

The service was excellent. Our server was knowledgeable of the menu and was able to give good recommendations.  Timing between each courses was simply impeccable. There was just enough time for you to savor your last bite without feeling rushed or bored.

Food was lovely. For french cuisine at a moderate price range I think Chez Papa really exceeded my expectation. The foie gras duo, the torchon and the seared version, was flawless. I love the creativity of their dishes. Smoked Salmon ‘nibble’ looked lovely and tasted fantastic (as long as you don’t mind the ingredients stealing the spotlight of the salmon). The Charred Octopus has good tender texture but could be even better if the octopus is cripsy on the outside. The entrees were decent. I enjoyed the Roasted Butterfish but found Beef Tripe a bit ordinary.

The portion is on the small size even for French style cuisine standard. You will probably need at least 3 courses (nibble, appetizer and entree) and a side to feel somewhat fulfilled.

Oh yes. They have some really good cocktails too. I might even opt for the cocktail pairing instead of wine pairing.